GAMCA Medical Appointment At Approved Centers For Visa

Don't Panic About a GAMCA Medical Test Unfit Report! Here's What to Do

Don’t Panic About a GAMCA Medical Test Unfit Report! Here’s What to Do

GAMCA medical checkups are mandatory if traveling to any of the GCC countries. You may be from India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Kenya, or anywhere else. Suppose you are traveling to a Gulf country. In that case, you should have a medically fit certificate from a GAMCA-approved medical center near you. GAMCA Medical Appointments schedules your medical checkup and ensures the process goes smoothly. But what if you get a negative medical result? How do you handle GAMCA medical test unfit reports? How long is the medical unfit report valid? We will also talk about how to check the GAMCA report online.

Don't Panic About a GAMCA Medical Test Unfit Report! Here's What to Do

How To Check GAMCA Report Online?

Are you wondering how to check the GAMCA report online? You can visit the GAMCA Medical Appointments website to learn the results if you have booked the medical checkup here. Otherwise, you can see the Wafid online portal to know more details. It is the official platform for GAMCA medical examination results. Here are the steps to check the results of your GAMCA medical checkup online:

  1. Visit the Wafid Medical Status
  2. Key in your passport number.
  3. Choose your nationality
  4. It may ask you to enter a system-generated verification code(CAPTCHA).
  5. Submit the details, and you will get the medical test.
  6. The result is either “Fit” or “Unfit.”

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You will see the results a few days after the checkup, as uploading takes time. If you don’t see your results, be patient and check back later. GAMCA medical test unfit result doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t travel. You can contact the medical center and reschedule the appointment after two months. So don’t panic. Keep reading to know what to do when you get a negative result.

GAMCA Medical Test Unfit & Fit Report – Details

GAMCA medical test unfit report comes when your medical report fails to pass all the rules and standards set by GCC countries. Each country may have its requirements. GAMCA medical test fails even for chest spot. If you are unfit because of incurable diseases like HIV, GCC countries will ban you permanently from visiting them.

  • Fit Report: You will get a Fit Report if you are healthy and meet all GCC health requirements for the visa process. The report is valid for the next two months. Within that time frame, you should complete the visa application process. Remember, you should get the report from a GAMCA-approved medical center to proceed with the trouble-free visa process. If you miss the time frame, you must apply for the medical test again. So be careful and complete the visa process within two months of getting the report.
  • Unfit Report: You will get an unfit report if you have serious health concerns or contagious diseases. GAMCA medical unfit report confirms that you don’t meet GCC health standards for your visa. But there’s nothing to panic. You still can rectify the situation and get your visa. So don’t feel disheartened about an unfit report; you still have a chance to visit the country. We will tell you what you should do next.

How Long Is The GAMCA Medical Unfit Report Valid For?

GAMCA medical unfit report doesn’t have a validity period. However, there is a waiting period of 2 months. After that, you can retake the GAMCA medical exam. The GAMCA medical checkup failure report highlights health concerns that prevent you from passing the medical test. The waiting period allows you to treat the health issues found in the initial test. Get the necessary treatment from the concerned doctor. When your health improves, you can reschedule the GAMCA medical exam. Get proper documents from your doctor to prove you are fit for travel. It will help you reapply for the medical test.

What To Do If You Fail In GAMCA Medical Checkup?

For privacy reasons, you will not see the reasons in the report. You can apply for the GAMCA medical test again after the waiting period. Consult a doctor in the center to understand the health issue and get treatment. You can reapply if you have enough evidence that you have received treatment and your health is at its best.

  1. Understand the Report: You should first know why you are declared unfit.
  2. Consult A Doctor: Talk to a doctor to know if medicines can treat the problem.
  3. Treatment Options: Explore the options to treat the health issues. Get the treatment.
  4. Re-examination: Go for the GAMCA medical test again after successful treatment.

But if you are facing trouble with a GAMCA medical unfit report, call or WhatsApp +91 94880 72911 immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What to do if I have a pre-existing medical condition?

If you have any serious medical condition, inform us earlier. So the doctors can check if it doesn’t comply with GCC medical standards. The doctors will finally decide if you need further tests or not.

Can I appeal an Unfit report?

Have you got an unfit report? Act quickly. If you want to appeal an unfit report, contact us soon so we can do what is needed to help you get a quick reassessment. If you delay it, we may be unable to help you. Moreover, the retake of medical checkups may vary among GCC countries. So call us or WhatsApp us quickly for more details. We make sure your dreams don’t shatter!

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Don't Panic About a GAMCA Medical Test Unfit Report! Here's What to Do
Don't Panic About a GAMCA Medical Test Unfit Report! Here's What to Do
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