GAMCA Medical Appointment At Approved Centers For Visa

GAMCA Medical Tests for Kids and Pregnant Women

GAMCA Medical Tests for Kids and Pregnant Women

Want to visit a Gulf nation? There is a mandatory step you should follow. It is the GAMCA medical examination. The candidate should get a medical fit report from a GAMCA-approved medical examination center. Only after submitting the GAMCA medical fit report will the visa be accepted by the officials. This blog will discuss how it affects kids and pregnant women during the GAMCA examination.

GAMCA Medical Tests for Kids and Pregnant Women

Understanding GAMCA Medical Tests for Kids:

The medical examination for kids will differ from that for adults. The GAMCA test is not necessary for kids under the age of 12. They can go with their parents without any specific medical procedures. After 12, they need GAMCA medical test results to get their visa. Most of the time, kids undergo minor checkups like weight and nutrient checkups. Also, kids should get all the vaccinations in the appropriate months. There are no other specific tests for kids.

Special Considerations for Pregnant Women:

It is not advisable to travel long distances during pregnancy. But, if there is no way to avoid it, you must undergo the GAMCA medical examination. Here are certain guidelines for pregnant women,

  1. You should not book an appointment for the first three months of pregnancy; you can apply for one after the first trimester.
  2. You should explain everything about your health condition to the medical examiner.
  3. You must complete a few medical tests from a GAMA-approved medical examination center. That includes a blood test, a urine test, an eye test, and an ultrasound.
  4. No X-ray test is suggested for pregnant women, and no GAMCA medical examination center will perform the same because the X-ray radiation will affect the baby inside.

Women should bring the required medical documentation or a letter approved by a doctor.

Maintain These Activities before the Medical Exam

If you plan to go to the GAMCA medical examination center during pregnancy, make an appointment to avoid racing at the last minute. To prepare for the GAMCA medical examination, 

  1. Maintain good health.
  2. Get complete and peaceful sleep at night.
  3. Eat healthy foods and avoid junk foods.
  4. Avoid drinking alcohol.
  5. Wear loose-fitting, casual clothes for the GAMCA medical exam.

Understanding the GAMCA medical examination procedure cannot be difficult. Proper planning and understanding can ensure a smooth and successful medical examination process. Put your health and well-being first when traveling to GCC countries. If you are aspiring to visit GCC countries from anywhere, you can apply for your GAMCA medical examination from your place now! Visit GAMCA Medical Appointments for more about GAMCA medical examinations and its rules and regulations. We will schedule your medical exam and travel with you throughout the medical examination process. Ask about your doubts, and we will guide you.

Schedule your GAMCA medical appointment today!

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GAMCA Medical Tests for Kids and Pregnant WomenGAMCA Medical Tests for Kids and Pregnant Women
GAMCA Medical Tests for Kids and Pregnant Women
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