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Medical Status

GAMCA Medical Appointment: Check Your Medical Status Online

How to Check Your GAMCA Medical Status Online (2024 Guide)

Seeking employment in GCC countries? Want to know the GAMCA medical report status? Click the button below to check your GAMCA medical status online.

Medical Status

Why Do You Need a GAMCA Medical Fit Report?

Most people visit GCC countries for the following jobs. 

There are many opportunities available. However, if you want to work in any GCC country, you need a GAMCA medical fit report. The medical fit status assures the employee is medically fit and free from contagious diseases. Medical screening protects public health in the GCC region, so it’s a must!

Countries Requiring GAMCA Medical Test

If you want to work in these countries, you must book a GAMCA medical appointment.

Medical Status


Medical Status


Medical Status


Medical Status


Medical Status


Medical Status


Medical Status


Medical Status


Who Can Check For GAMCA Medical Test Results Here?

Have you undergone medical checkups at a GAMCA-approved medical center? Do you come from any of these countries? If so, you can check your GAMCA medical report status here.

You will know if the medical report is approved, pending, or rejected.

Medical Status

How To Check GAMCA Medical Status?

To check your medical status online, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the GAMCA medical test booking website or the medical center’s website.
  2. Click Medical Status
  3. Provide details such as your passport number and nationality.
  4. Click the submit button to view your medical status.
Alternative Methods

If online access is unavailable, you can check your medical status by:

  1. Contact the GAMCA Medical Center: Call or visit the medical center where you had your examination. Please provide them with your identification details so they can get an update on your status.
  2. Email Inquiry: Email the medical center with your details and request the status of your medical report.

Understanding Your GAMCA Medical Test Report

Your medical report will have several sections. Here, GAMCA Medical Appointment will try to explain the details. Also, please remember that each medical center and country may have a different format.
  1. Personal Information: This section confirms your identity with details of your name, passport number, and date of birth.
  2. Test Results: This section lists the outcomes of various medical tests you underwent during the checkup. Standard tests often include:
    • CBC (Complete Blood Count): A routine blood test that assesses your overall health and can indicate potential issues like anemia or infection.
    • Chest X-ray: The imaging test provides a picture of your lungs and heart, which helps detect abnormalities.
    • Urinalysis: A test that analyzes your urine composition can help identify specific health conditions like diabetes or urinary tract infections.
    • Serology: These tests check your blood for antibodies or antigens, indicating past or current infections like Hepatitis B or HIV.
    • Medical Fitness Status: This section provides the most crucial information – whether you are medically fit for work, require further evaluation, or are currently unfit. It’s important to note that this section only indicates your fitness for work based on the GAMCA criteria.
Note: The information is for general understanding. If you have further questions, consult the healthcare professional who performed your GAMCA medical examination.

What Next?

If Your Medical Status is Approved

  1. Proceed with Visa Application: Use your GAMCA medical fit report to apply for a work visa in the GCC country.
  2. Keep a Copy: Ensure you have a physical or digital copy of your medical report for your records.

If Your Medical Status is Pending

  1. Await Further Instructions: The medical center may contact you for additional tests or information.
  2. Follow Up: Regularly check your status online or contact the medical center for updates.

If Your Medical Status is “rejected,” go for the GAMCA medical retesting procedure.

  1. Understand the Reason: You can appeal the GAMCA medical decision. So first, contact the medical center to understand why you got a GAMCA medical unfit report.
  2. Retesting Procedures: Inquire about the possibility and procedure for retesting if applicable.
  3. Appeal Process: Some centers may have an appeal process if you believe there was an error in your results.

GAMCA Medical Status Report- FAQs

Can I appeal a rejected medical status?

Contact the medical center to understand the appeal process and whether you are eligible for retesting.

What should we do if GAMCA medical gets rejected?

A GAMCA medical unfit report doesn’t mean your dream to work in a GCC country will end today. Call us, and we will advise you on how to get a medical fit report.

What does "pending" mean on the GAMCA medical report?

The GAMCA medical center may be processing your test results and taking longer. Or they may need to take a few more tests before issuing a medical fit report. Call GAMCA Medical Appointments for more details.

What should I do if I forget my GAMCA medical report number?

You can call us or contact the GAMCA medical center where you got the report. An easy way is to click the Check Status button above and download the pdf. You can also get a duplicate copy of the medical report.

Can I know the validity of the GAMCA medical report?

A GAMCA medical report is only valid for three months. If you haven’t processed your visa yet, you must book another GAMCA medical examination.

GAMCA Medical Contact Information

For further assistance, contact your medical center directly:


43A, YWCA Building, Court Road, Nagercoil 629 001.

Visit the official GAMCA medical booking website for more information on your medical report.

Medical StatusMedical Status
Medical Status
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